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Simple and Perfect Gajra Hairstyles For Traditional Wear

Simple and Perfect Gajra Hairstyles For Traditional Wear
Simple and Perfect Gajra Hairstyles

For many years, everybody likes to have a traditional, ethnic, feminine look. If you wear the traditional look saree then you can choose the Gajra hairstyle and it is gorgeous attachment, beautiful waves, and dazzling looks. This look of yours can attract all the people towards you. All the women can carry this Gajra hairstyle on many occasions such as wedding events, festivals, or other celebrations which enhance your appearance effortlessly. In this article, we are given some perfect Gajra hairstyles for long and short hair with your traditional wear.

Simple Gajra Hairstyles for Long and Short Hairs

Here’re given some of the most beautiful, and stunning Gajra hairstyles for your gorgeous traditional look –

Simple Gajra Floral Band Look

The Gajra hairstyle can be most pleasing in the simple floral band look. The woman who loves ethnic wear or lehenga style looks elegant and classic with this simple floral band hairstyle. You can wear this during simple family functions or festivals and it is suitable for long straight hair which can be the best in the Gajra hairstyle.

White Gajrabun Hairstyle

This style is the classic, elegant and amazing South Indian Jura style with Gajra that never go out of fashion and current trend. This can be a good option for those women who prefer beautiful and vibrant looks. You can try this white Gajrabun hairstyle in the summer season. You can wear this with a beautiful traditional saree and any type of hair texture.

Colorful Gajra Hairstyle

This colorful Gajra Hairstyle is for all those brides-to-be. This hairstyle is only for those women who love flowery outfits and prefer a vibrant yet luxurious style statement. Women can try this style during pre-wedding festivities like Haldi or Mehendi. Make a messy fishtail braid in it and put the Gajra near the crown and apply matching flowers all over the braid to enhance the colorful Gajra hairstyle.

Celebrity Inspired Gajra Hairdo

This simple Gajra Look is famous and in trend by our favorite celebrity actress Bipasha Basu. She carried it at the time of her wedding and without any doubt, she look gorgeous. Women who like to try Gajra but still want a simple look then they can prefer this style. Women can wear this hairstyle with a lehenga on during their Haldi ceremony and it is suitable for curly or wavy hair.

South Indian Bride in Gajra Hairstyle

If you’re a south Indian bride then this Gajra long hairstyle is good for you. The long braid is done very well with white Gajra flowers and looks gorgeous. This is a very simple hairstyle with jasmine flowers is no less than a fairy tale look and this is the best for all brides. All the women can wear this style on traditional saree with long and any type of hair texture.

Pastel Netted Bun Hairstyle with Gajra

This is the top trending hairstyle with Gajra. This light-colored gajra with a puffed bun is one of the most sought-after styles for obvious reasons. It looks beautiful and gorgeous and its entire look is quite fancy. This is best for ladies who love plush styles. All the women can try this hairstyle with an amazing lehenga or long gown and wavy hair texture.

Simple Gajra Look for Loose Hair

The light and straight Gajra look clip with loose hair is the trend. The women who love to look trendy and alluring, and want to pair for unconventional occasions can adore this stunning trend. You have to take the hair down from both sides and clip it. You can wear this hairstyle with a long gown that looks stunning. This hairstyle is suitable for wavy and curly hair.


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