Khaitan 2 Burner BP Nano Premium MS Black Glass Manual Gas Stove (2 Burners)

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  • Type: Manual Gas Stove
  • Burner Type: Brass Plated Burners
  • Number of Burners: 2
  • Body Material: Glass
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 32 cm x 50 cm


Khaitan 2 Burner BP NANO MS Premium Black Glass Manual GasStove(2 Burners)Bring home the joy of cooking with Khaitan Gas stoves. The 2 Burner Nano Premium Black Glass Manual Gas Stove is equipped with easy-to-use toughened glass top, heavy pan supports, stainless steel spill tray & heat efficient brass burner (plated) that ensures proper distribution of heat during cooking. Toughened Glass Top: The top body of this stove is made of toughened glass. It strengthens the durability of the product. The glass is unbreakable, heat resistant and scratch proof. Heavy Pan Supports : It provides greater stability to the utensils on the burner and allows to place large utensils conveniently. Stainless Steel Spill Tray : This gas stove has stainless steel drip trays around the burners that are rust proof. It also provides ease of cleaning, thus, ensuring low and easy maintenance. Heat Efficient Brass Burners (Plated) : The brass burner (plated) helps in proper distribution of heat over the utensil. It allows low gas consumption thus saving atleast two cylinders per year. Heat Resistant Legs : This gas stove has sturdy and heat resistant legs, providing stability and enhancing the durability of the gas stove. Strong Bakelite Knob : The knobs used in this stove are made of Bakelite which is strong, flexible as well as durable. The firm grip helps to control the flame as per your requirement.