Wakefit Polyester Fibre Solid Sleeping Pillow Pack of 2 (White, Grey)

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  • Filling Material: Polyester Fibre
  • Size: 68.58 cm x 40.64 cm
  • Type: Sleeping Pillow
  • Suitable Location: Bed Room


Pillows made from hollow fibres are extremely comfortable and are able to provide consistent support levels across the length of the entire pillow. The ‘hollow’ space between the fibres makes the Wakefit pillow one of the most breathable pillows, compared to those with alternative synthetic or cotton fill. Hollow fibre is super soft and allows air and moisture through easily, lowering temperature and keeping you cool as you sleep. While the hollow fibre filling provides the benefit of taking the shape of your neck and aligning the spine, the fabric provides the ideal surface.