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Best Dupatta Draping Styles To Elevate Your Look

Best Dupatta Draping Styles To Elevate Your Look

A Dupatta in your salwar suit can add that additional charm to your look more so because they can make a compelling difference even to a basic salwar-kameez. This is absolutely why, in this article, we are going to teach you how to wear Dupatta because the options are endless. All you will need to do is scroll down and set your heart on the one that catches your eye. So without further ado, dig in because it is time to wave that desi look! Check some Dupatta draping styles below-

Over The Elbow

Draping your Dupatta over your elbows will leave you an impression and look regal.

This draping trend is unquestionably one of the most popular styles which are loved by women of all ages. Place the Dupatta through your arms so it is accommodated over your elbows. With this look, you do not have to pin the scarf in place as the flowy look is elevated.

Jacket Style

Why not envelop your Dupatta as a jacket over your outfit? This unconventional trend is the perfect way to up a plain outfit.

For this style, it is best to have an embellishment Dupatta to flaunt the lavish work on the scarf. This trend looks remarkable with a lehenga. Alternatively, this style can also work well with a plain or a consummate scarf.

Place the Dupatta over your shoulders and let it torrent down your body. This allows for ease of movement.

Double Dupatta Style

Why only settle for one Dupatta when you can have two? Get two scarves, each of complementary colors; this will help bring out the colors in the outfit.


You can either drape the Dupatta on each shoulder or place one over the head and the other on the shoulder. Wedding outfits importune a lot of precision– especially when it comes to the ‘bridal lehenga’; everything, from its color to the work on it, from interchangeable jewelry to the Dupatta draping, needs to be attentively planned. While trying innumerous outfits and drooling over lehenga by ace designers is a vital part of bridal shopping, the bride has to ultimately choose one perfect outfit for her wedding. And what promotes a bridal look is the way the Dupatta is draped. Believe it or not, your Dupatta draping style can make or intermission your complete look.

V-Shape Drape

This style lets you demonstrate the beautiful work on your Dupatta, especially if it has a conspicuous border. Pin the scarf across the shoulders. Then fold the border into a v-shape across the chest.

Another great style that requires the v-shape drape is wearing it over the head. This will further upraise the heavy embroidery on the Dupatta.

U-Shape Style

Similar to the preceding style, the u-shape draping trend works equally as well to show off the incredible embroidery on the Dupatta. The u-shape style can be donned with a full overstatement scarf or a lightweight one.

If you prefer a flowy style with more pleats across the chest then an insubstantial scarf is ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer a more organize u-shape drape then a scarf with heavy enumerating works best.

Around the Neck

If you want your outfit to do most of the talking with your scarf simply accomplished the overall look then drape your Dupatta around the front of the neck.

This style works best with heavily embellished ensembles with a plain or sheer Dupatta. Some Dupatta Draping Styles. In particular, a delicate scarf will allow for a distinguished flow down the back. This look can be pouring oneself into at home or for formal occasions and marriage ceremonies.

Gujarati Style

Drape into the Gujarati flair with this Gujarati pallu drape making it perfect for any circumstances. Some Dupatta Draping Styles. Whether you are Gujarati or recognize the culture, this style is for everyone.

Consuming, the Gujarati Dupatta drape mimics a saree style. The scarfs are gathering in at the waist and brought around from the back and develop across the torso. For extra support, you can use a waist belt to dependable the Dupatta in place.

Punjabi Style

The wrap-around look works wonderfully with the Patiala association and lehenga. Gather large pleats, place them over your left shoulder, and pin them into place. Be sure to keep the gather side moderately shorter.

Take the other side across the right shoulder or over the head and bring it back around. Some Dupatta Draping Styles. Neatly pull on the Dupatta at the chest to form a cowl shape. This draping trend is frequently worn in Punjab and by many Punjabi women universally.

Drape Diagonally

Pair this Dupatta style with an equipped blouse or a cropped choli and low-rise skirt or reappear trousers.

Place the scarf over the shoulder and drape it across the body and insert it into the skirt of flared trousers at the back. This look will add measurements to the outfit.

Over the Head

If you are into traditional wear then this style is consummate for you. Keep things simple and place your Dupatta over your head. You can leave the sides to flow down or place one side across the unfavorable shoulder.

This look is popular with South Asian brides and elder members of the institution. In many cultures on special occurrences, it is often considered imperative to cover your head.

This style works best with lightweight equipment as they allow for a more uncomplicated drape.


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