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10 Splendid Hair Colors-That Won’t Require Bleach

10 Splendid Hair Colors-That Won’t Require Bleach

Don’t like the idea of sitting in a salon for long hours or damaging your hair by bleaching? You would be surprised at how light and bright hair colors can go even without intensive bleaching. This thanks to the invention of ‘high lift color’ is said to work better with virgin hair. Also, results may vary, especially for those with stubborn, non-porous hair.

Without getting delayed, here are some pleasant hair colors to show your stylist they do not include bleaching. (Not even in Nominal amount)

1. Auburn

If you are finding natural-looking reddish-brown, auburn is the way that you choose. The maintenance for this color is pretty much washed and worn because of the natural composition of the metal. Classic, rich, auburn hair color with flecks of a warm toffee highlight is a great way to transition a natural brunette to a warm hue.

2. Burgundy

Surprisingly, wine red achievable shade without bleach. The beauty of this color is that it’s not too sharp or eye-catching. Burgundy color is easy to maintain and also compatible with red and purple, and it also makes your hair look pretty and gorgeous even healthy too.

3. Toffee

This color is right between caramel and golden brown, a warm burnished hair color shade. It complements naturally warm skin tones. It is the perfect hue for girls to brighten up their complexion. It is the perfect way to transition your hair from dark to light or vice-versa.

4. Caramel/Honey

Catching the glimpse of this warm caramel color enhanced lob-length cut.  The shade feels like basking in an autumn sunset, your brunette locks will glow from his festive makeover. Honey blonde hair is a warm, golden shade; a shiny hue is perfect for those with Medium skin tones who transition to honey blonde ends with a gradient effect. It will boost your attitude as well.

5. Chocolate Brown Shade

Chocolate brown hair color that resembles shades of chocolate candy. Not only does it look gorgeous and elegant, but it is also vibrant. But the best thing about this color is its range. You can go with basic light or dark chocolate brown hair color, and it goes with any skin tone.

6. Mahogany

Mahogany is reddish-brown in color; it is approximately the color of wood mahogany. Since this is an extremely rich warm brown hue that gives off a beautiful shine and finishes, the color will definitely add some spice to your look. The most sought-after hair colors are everywhere because it matches both cool and warm skin tones.

7. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut is a rich dimensional shade of brown shade just like the color of the American chestnut; it is typically a warm and earthy color and you’ll have extra shiny hair with shimmering golden flecks. Chestnut is also a very dark tan that almost appears brown.

8. Golden Brown

Brown hair with golden highlights or lowlights can be also described as a mix of medium brown and blonde hair, it suits most people. Brown Highlights will add grit and hold while minimizing dame to hair. A Colour that looks like this can easily be done with a glaze for a low-maintenance touch.

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a warm, brownish-orange hue, it resembles ginger hair. This color is gorgeous on girls with medium to deep skin tones to make your complexion pop, after this if you feel that your hair is getting dry so you take Bo-Tox treatment as well.

10. Mushroom Brown

If you are dying to try this trendy and cool brown shade, here is a hue to try. Think of Portobello mushrooms and you will have the right idea in mind. Mushroom Brown is basically an earthy tone with a tinge of warmth it is a slightly warmer shade than ash you will be loving to try this hair color.


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